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Body Within 'which!'

In the title Body Within ‘Which!’, the conjunction “which” gains a major role, rather than a conjunction, by becoming in the service of depicting the bodies stuck within conjunctions. The foundation of this exhibition is based on unleashing ourselves from this conjunctive state and becoming aware of the perfect organism that we possess, which leads to no longer being afraid of our own body, but rather expressing it fully. By deforming my body, I wanted to emphasize questioning ourselves not only psychologically but also physically: To be aware of the possession of the most perfect organism and that there is nobody else you can admire more than yourself. We always try to satisfy our need for admiration by admiring others, but actually, I am emphasizing on turning within and initially, admiring one's own self. I don't know any other structure than myself, which I am more aware of. In relation to admiration for nature, which actually human is also a part of; imitating nature has been attributed to the concepts of art and artist. Since the rule of the game of creation is to imitate nature, then in this exhibition, I have chosen to imitate myself. For this reason, in my first solo exhibition, which comprises sculptures, videos, drawings and a performance, I used my own body. While the sculptures are shaped from molds of my body, videos are shots of my inner parts that cannot be observed directly, such as my blood and vocal chords. The date of the exhibition September 11 was the first anniversary of the attack on Twin Towers, and since I was in New York City at the time, in the memory of this day I made a performance. The performance depicts the rise of a sealed body in life and how it is torn into pieces in an instant, and then the human reflex that actually feeds from this fragmentation. Even though the final part was not planned.

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