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Don't Prescribe Me!

Don’t Prescribe Me!, which took place just for ‘one’ day in my studio, comprises photographs, installations, and a video. I aimed this event to insinuate the dominations of the operations of false art management.


Don’t Prescribe Me! intends to emphasize others’ ‘prescriptions’ for us, in other words, the political and social constructions, by reminding the true and natural representation of traditional headscarf yazma. Getting accustomed to ‘prescriptions’ makes us submissive. However, yazma, which was formed by the simplicity and naturalness of centuries-old understandings from which Anatolia nourished, lives in great harmony with the nudity of body. As a part of Anatolian people’s practical and natural-daily life, traditional headscarf yazma correlates with nudity’s simplicity and the plainness of the land, rock, and tree from which it nourishes. With the accompaniment of this nourishment, the body insinuates the prolificacy of yazma. The atmosphere of this exhibition aims to remind Anatolia’s natural and prolific cognition unleashed from ‘prescriptions’ or before it was ‘prescribed.’


(Special thanks to Ozge Özköprülü and Oğuz Altundağ for their contributions.)

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