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In these Agentive Artworks, my main objective was based on how nothingness continuously displays itself here and now like a phantom. Like Sartre stated, since being nothing is the potential of being everything, nothingness is the same thing with freedom. However, the human has a resistance towards own freedom. This is why I intended to convey this resistance and as an alternative to this resistance; the possibility of seizing the joy of freedom. This potential depends on one's own choice.


Since nothingness haunts the being like a phantom, in these works, body, its flesh texture and color can be read as the embodiment of nothingness. On the other hand, since the subject is the creator of own identity, in order to illustrate the dissolvability of this construction I tried to depict the body as transparent.

Because the choices of the being include a process and action, to show this selective action, I used long exposure in the photographs. While the overlapping images in the photos express movement, action, or choice, this also enabled me to show the choice of subject as readable. Freezing the subject in movement by photographing seemed like capturing nothingness/freedom in the state of haunting like a phantom while enabling choice.​


Freedom of Nothingness

"Nereye Kadarr?" / "Until Whenn?"

"Nereye Kadarr?" / "Until Whenn?"

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