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Imaging Fire

You have built a bridge thinner than hair

For your servants to go through

If you are brave enough o!

God, you pass through.

(Kaygusuz Abdal)

Is it ‘God’ that initiated the journey of the universe? Is it a favor to its subjects? What is human’s share in this favor? Nothing! Human’s existence has been seen as temporary. God’s being the only concept to endure its sovereignty has been constructed perfectly now and always. O human! Then what is your share in this life? What? The human who is afraid of itself had to create a sublime power. Because on the other path, its own voice would turn back to smack. Such a thin bridge has been built, whereas who dares to cross! But regardless, eventually, it will be crossed. After all, the human constructed that bridge. This means human’s restrictor has always been human. What if we consider this bridge as such: A universe; from its stone to rock, hill to mountain, the sky to dirt, tree to water, sun to all living including human; a bridge where all are ‘one’. A bridge, which conjoins all, renders all as ‘one’. The human who wants to perceive and feel this unity, beyond trying to cross this bridge; within the wind lets the journey of maturity to enable itself to find the balance. Universe’s ‘creation’ fabrication and all other human constructions proceeded upon this, start opening incisions in human’s rib with a two-ended sword. One end heads downward, other upward: One targets the mind, other sexuality. Against these targets, a spontaneous resistance comes to life. Because human actually only wants to hear itself. But scare of will has been assured. Now, in order to let go and hear its own voice, it has to release its fist! Constructed daggers were stabbed to guiding signs. Just like the human, fists start screaming by fastening their fingers, finding their strength from dirt, from the tree, from fire, from transparent glass, from cold iron that stands in front of it like a barrier. This scream is not a resistance against the wind on the thin bridge, but it is the perception of the wholeness of the wind within its own body. Because the wind of the universe is actually your own voice. It is the voice of life within the human, which is searching for the truth. Only you need to want to hear it.

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