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Wizards of Shit

Wizards of Shit depicts humans’ potential of self-creation and transformation. 'Shit' –feces- represents humans’ state of being digested, consumed, made into waste, whereas wizardry –wisdom- represents the potential to reconstruct this being. The human introduces itself as submissive and jammed within itself in current reality. But when it realizes that this is a self-condemnation, puts its potential to recreate its existence into the process. Thus starts a new construction by demolishing its old self.


There are nearly 50 ceramic sculptures in this exhibition and some of them are glazed with gold. The ceramic material “clay” coincides with the human, shaped by kneading, whereas gold glaze represents the preciousness of human’s always-existing potential to reconstruct itself.  The installation, consisting of 500 small ceramic pieces, that each look alike but with different characters, depicts humans who are bent in ferocious life. The other installation of flying figures displays the human, who moved on to self-construction phase, penetrating to its constructed life like an agent.  The video portrays the process of shaping a figure from clay with the stop-motion technique: A shaped person has the potential of rebuilding itself after nulling itself.


Special thanks to Sinem Ertaner, Toya Akpınar, Oğuz Altundağ, Özge Özköprülü, and Selahattin Özer.

"Yenilenme" / "Rebuilt"

"Yenilenme" / "Rebuilt"

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